AERIAL-CORE will develop an integrated aerial cognitive robotic system that will have unprecedented capabilities in operational range and safety in interaction with aerial collaborators for applications such as inspection and maintenance of large linear infrastructures. It will implement cognitive capabilities for perception and teamwork, aerial morphing to combine long-range endurance and hovering for local observations, manipulation involving force interactions and…


The main objective of the ICDron Project (Development of aerial robotic technologies for the inspection of Oil&Gas infrastructures) is to develop a system for the inspection of infrastructures in the Oil & Gas sector (Oil&Gas) based on a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) or drone which is capable of maintaining contact at altitude, while flying, in a precise and safe…


Tests of the AEROX 2 aircraft in industrial environment. Its efficiency was tested to inspect different elements in the industry such as pipes of different diameters, equipment, etc


Demonstration of the capabilities of our AEROX 2 aircraft in the inspection of storage tanks. Several tanks were inspected using NDT.


Thickness measurement work performed using unmanned aircraft. The interior and exterior of six storage tanks were inspected.


SIMAR proposes a new type of inspection robot that is composed of an aerial system with advanced navigation capabilities that will allow to safely land on pipes, even if they are located in complex and cluttered locations and deploy untethered and light-weight crawlers to perform complete inspections of insulated pipes.


ACIDRONES is an EU funded project supported by RIMA. The aim of this project is to push the boundaries of aerial robots for thickness gauging and maintenance of large vessels and cargoes by incorporating manipulation-capable aerial robots to perform contact inspections. With the help of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, this project will raise the TRL of state-of-the-art solutions to…